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Sirloin Steak & Rice

Fresh sliced sirloin steak and broccoli, served over a bed of white rice. Garnished with fresh rosemary and a lemon wedge.

--Nutrition Data--

  • Regular: 417 calories, 39g protein, 41g carbohydrates (5g fiber, 1.5g sugar), 13g fat, 313mg sodium, 1019mg potassium
  • Large: 819 calories, 76g protein, 76g carbohydrates (8g fiber, 1.6g sugar), 27g fat, 593mg sodium, 1793mg potassium

Ingredients: Sirloin steak, rice, broccoli, fresh rosemary, lemon, avocado oil.

Chicken Breast & Mashed Sweet Potato

Freshly brined in dead sea salt, the chicken breast is seared then sliced for easy eating and served with mashed sweet potatoes and fresh baby bok choy. Garnished with fresh rosemary and a lemon wedge.

--Nutrition Data--

  • Regular: 370 calories, 31g protein, 47g carbohydrates (8g fiber, 14.3g sugar), 10g fat, 299mg sodium, 1916mg potassium
  • Large: 819 calories, 60g protein, 91g carbohydrates (15g fiber, 27.4g sugar), 20g fat, 665mg sodium, 3024mg potassium

Ingredients: Chicken breast, sweet potato, baby bok choy, fresh rosemary, pink Himalayan salt, lemon, avocado oil.

Beef Tenderloin Stir Fry

Fresh tenderloin tips sauteed with carrots, broccoli, baby bok choy, and white & black sesame seeds over a bed of white rice. Garnished with fresh basil and served with teriyaki sauce on the side.

--Nutrition Data--

  • Regular: 414 calories, 31g protein, 42g carbohydrates (5g fiber, 2.6g sugar), 16g fat, 333mg sodium, 1046mg potassium
  • Large: 812 calories, 61g protein, 77g carbohydrates (7g fiber, 3.1g sugar), 32g fat, 622mg sodium, 1848mg potassium

Ingredients: Beef tenderloin, rice, carrots, broccoli, baby bok choy, and white & black sesame seeds, fresh basil, teriyaki sauce, avocado oil.

Cod Loin & Rice

Pan-seared cod loin lightly coated with a mix of flour, salt, pepper, paprika, & garlic with Brussels sprouts over a bed of white rice. Garnished with a lemon wheel.

--Nutrition Data--

  • Regular: 414 calories, 38g protein, 48g carbohydrates (5g fiber, 1.8g sugar), 10g fat, 320mg sodium, 1097mg potassium
  • Large: 743 calories, 74g protein, 76g carbohydrates (7g fiber, 1.9g sugar), 19g fat, 623mg sodium, 1930mg potassium

Ingredients: Cod, Rice, Brussels Sprouts, lemon, flour, dead sea salt, corn starch, avocado oil.